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Wood markets

Inflation adjusted timber price trends, as of Summer 2019

Pine Logs

Pine Pulp

Oak Veneer and Logs

Hardwood Pulp

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These charts document stumpage that Two Trees Forestry has sold, with prices adjusted for inflation, since May 1997 in Maine, within the area bounded by US Route 2 to the north, Belfast to the east, and Portland to the south. Several variables contribute to the range that contractors pay during any season including differences in their access to markets, logging costs, volumes harvested and whether we sold them the timber through an auction.

Market outlook
Fall 2018: Many landowners still waiting to see higher prices

Spring 2017: tight quotas, winter thaws, firewood sales down

Fall 2015: How do we adapt?

October 2014: hardwood prices continue to rise

January 2014 - Landowners earning $250 /MBF stumpage for hardwood mats

September, 2012: Instability in the market

June, 2010: Red Oak rebounding

June, 2009: Wood markets likely to stabilize after tumultuous winter

June, 2008: Huge spike in pulpwood prices

October, 2007: An up and down market