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What's new?

Friday, August 9 2019
Best pines ever draws a crowd of bidders
A recent auction of exceptionally large, knot-free pine saw logs provides a test of the adage that quality is rewarded in the market place.

Friday, August 9 2019
Two Trees is transitioning, looking for ideas
Stepping up to new part-time work with Maine Woodland Owners gives Two Trees Forestry an opportunity for business transition.

Friday, November 16 2018
Valuable town forests overseen by dedicated volunteers
Recent timber harvests on town forests in Litchfield, Monmouth and Readfield provide opportunities to improve wildlife habitat and recreational access while generating periodic income.

Friday, November 16 2018
Stepping up to a high-profile job
A recent timber harvest on a high profile property owned by a family foundation with deep forestry ties called for special consideration for neighbors and for tailoring the harvest to two different kinds of forest.

Friday, May 12 2017
Land trusts stepping up to support local wood economies
A year of outreach and listening has produced an action plan that prioritizes wood heat, more wood in construction, local-procurement policies, current-use taxation and business management education and training in the forest products industry

Friday, May 12 2017
Market report: tight quotas, winter thaws, firewood sales down
The demand for low-grade softwood remains weak in the wake of mill closures, although promising new wood technologies may be the markets of the future.

Friday, May 12 2017
New pellet plant cranks up with wood from Chewonki
Logger/forester Erik Carlson built his own pellet plant to support demand for low-grade pine and hemlock pulpwood.

Friday, May 12 2017
Farewell Wayne, Hello Jon
Veteran forester Wayne Millen retires and recent UMaine Forestry School grad Jon Doty starts work

Wednesday, October 22 2014
New forestry focus is songbirds
Maine Audubon and Forest Guild promote new approach to forestry to make woodlots more attractive to songbirds

Wednesday, October 22 2014
Conference answers 'local wood' question
Next month's Local Wood Works Conference in Augusta looks at ways of stimulating local wood producers.

Wednesday, May 21 2014
Two Trees clients take bows May 2014
Maine Tree Farmers of the Year David Moskovitz and Bambi Jones are in the running for national recognition.

Wednesday, May 21 2014
Squeezed pallet mill adds hemlock
Issacson Lumber Co in Livermore Falls is buying more hemlock logs to compensate for the loss of low-grade hardwood logs that are fetching high prices at timber mat mills

Wednesday, May 21 2014
Locally harvested wood tends to stay local
Three quarters of the timber harvested on Two Trees Forestry clients goes to mills within 40 miles.

Friday, February 21 2014
Invasive insects are near February 2014
Just because you don't see them, doesn't mean hemlock woolly adelgids aren't here. I learned that on two recent forays into the woods hundreds of miles apart.

Friday, February 21 2014
Bidding timber - when does it work?
It may come as a surprise to some landowners, that I recommend soliciting multiple bids for timber in only about ten percent of the harvests that I conduct. A well-organized auction that draws many fiercely competitive and high-quality logging companies can certainly benefit the landowner whose timber is being sold. But all the planets have to be aligned for that to happen.

Friday, February 21 2014
2013 - A strong year, despite the weather extremes
This past year, Two Trees covered more territory, earned more stumpage dollars for clients, shifted gears more often due to weather ... and grew by one employee. It was a very eventful year.

Tuesday, February 19 2013
Foes of the Forest: Maine's Trees at Risk from Invasive Insects February 2013
Learn more about the risks posed by destructive insects to Maine's forest. FieldStoneMedia produced the film, with a script written by forester Harold Burnett.

Friday, September 21 2012
Tour Wiesendanger Wildlife Protection Area September 2012
Join us for a tour of this East Winthrop property on October 13.

Friday, September 21 2012
Tree growth tax law changes effective August 31
During April 2012 the Legislature amended the rules relating to the Tree Growth Tax Law in several ways, to clarify its implementation.

Friday, September 21 2012
One man's dream, realized
Many landowners mistakenly believe that logging and land conservation are incompatible activities. Long-time property owner Jack Henshaw was determined to pursue both goals on his 194 acres in Brunswick.

Timber cuts start of 10-year plan for East Winthrop preserve
Kennebec Journal, August 6, 2012

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