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What's new?

Friday, May 12 2017

Farewell Wayne, Hello Jon

This past year included both a hello and a thank you, as Jon Doty came on board and Wayne Millen retired, sort of. Wayne got to know many Oxford County folks from his home in West Paris, after completing a successful and rewarding career on the White Mountain National Forest. As a humble, experienced, and skilled forester he quickly picked up the reins of consulting and even earned the hearty recommendation of a client, who shared “if you want the best, talk with Wayne.” Unfortunately, a slow-healing Achilles tendon slowed his time in the woods, though he’s now upgrading an assessing company’s maps part-time. His experience continues to be relied upon.

Jon worked with us through the summer of 2015, but then returned to UMaine, to finish his Master of Forestry program and rejoined Two Trees full time in February 2016. Of exceptional intelligence, boundless energy, and an innate ability to communicate well, he is rapidly learning how best to help landowners manage their land. A Skowhegan High School grad, who then graduated from Boston University in art history and the classics, before moving on to UMaine’s forestry program, he brings a wealth of interests and a young man’s perspective to the woods and homes of our clients and colleagues. He is centered in the Franklin County/Farmington area, but will roam as widely as we all do.